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Body Piercing in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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Body Modification and Body Jewelry

Express yourself with body modifications and body jewelry from Porcupine Piercing & Body Modification. Our shop is the only one in Pennsylvania that can provide safe, sterile, and experienced-based services for everyone from first timers to the pin cushions. Trust us with your next piece and see the difference for yourself. We only use top-quality sterile equipment.

About Our Body Piercing

For more than 20 years, clients like you have trusted their self-expression to our shop. Today, you can too. To learn more, visit the about our body piercing studio page or stop by and explore everything our store has to offer including pipes, jewelry, and patches.

Contact us in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and let our body piercing work help you make a statement.

About Us

Get your work done at Porcupine Piercing & Body Modification in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Ours is the only body piercing and body modification studio in the Lehigh Valley area. We specifically cater to every piercing and body mod need, and with our owner's 22 years of experience, you can trust us to deliver the best work at the lowest prices.

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